G H Gledhill & Sons Ltd of Halifax & Huddersfield 1890-1975

"G H Gledhill and Sons Ltd was established by George H Gledhill (supported by his sons, Arthur H Gledhill, Gilbert Gledhill and Walter G Gledhill), to produce his new inventions. Whilst running a millinery business in Northgate, Halifax in 1886, he invented an automatic cash till and automatic cash displayer. In 1892, the company moved into the top floor of the Trinity Works on Harrison Road, Halifax, to manufacture cash tills. He subsequently took over the whole factory and opened two others in Halifax and one in Huddersfield. The firm bought Frank Brooks time recording business to form Gledhill-Brook Time Recorders Ltd in 1912.

During World War 1,, the company developed a bomb-release mechanism. This was fitted as standard to the early bombers of the Royal Flying Corps and, later, the Royal Air Force. During the 2nd World War, the company produced a range of military equipment: sun compasses for desert operations, a field service level for use in road and trench construction, map measurers, booby traps, tanks and torpedoes.

In 1964, the time-recorder business was sold to the Simplex Time Recorder Company of Gardner, Massachusetts. The business closed in 1975." 

- taken from the UK National Archives. 
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Gledhill Cash Tills

Gledhill cash till A1
Gledhill cash till A2
Gledhill cash till A3
Gledhill cash till A4
Gledhill cash till A5
Gledhill cash till A6
Gledhill cash till A7
Gledhill cash till A8
Gledhill cash till B

Gledhill Cash Registers and Time Recorders

Gledhill cash register 1
Gledhill cash register 2
Gledhill-Brook time recorder
Gledhill-Brooks time recorder

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Lloyd Gledhill owns cash till A above.  In 2001 Lloyd was touring inland Queensland and in the small town of Chinchilla came upon an automotive electrician still using an almost identical cash till, though only as a cash drawer, not a mechanical till.  It had been made by G H Gledhill and bore the name of a Brisbane company who was obviously the local agent.

Allen Gledhill of Perth, West Australia, owns cash till B and the Gledhill-Brooks time recorder.  His contribution of these photos is acknowledged with gratitude.

Gledhill in Galion, Ohio

Gledhill Cemetery - earliest ancestor
Gledhill Lumber Co
Gledhill Road Machinery Co 1
Gledhill Road Machinery Co 2
Gledhill Road Machinery Co 3
Gledhill snow plough advert
Gledhill street signs in Galion

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The Gledhill Road Machinery Company website

Two of the above photos (truck and snow-plough) show that The Gledhill Road Machinery Company uses as its logo the arms granted to Thomas Gledhill of Barkisland in 1612, these arms consisting of three white diamonds on a blue background.  Click here for a sketch of these arms and click here for Ian Gledhill's article on The Gledhill Arms.   The logo also features prominently on the Company's website.


In Sydney, NSW, Australia, bearing the name of Percy Walter Gledhill (1890-1962)

01. Percy Walter Gledhill (MWP Historical Society)
02. Gledhill Lookout, Barrenjoey Head
03. Gledhill Lookout, Barrenjoey Head
04. Gledhill Lookout, Barrenjoey Head
05. Gledhill Lookout, Barrenjoey Head
06. Gledhill Park on Sydney Harbour
07. Memorial Gates, St Stephens Cemetery Newtown
08. Memorial Gates, St Stephens Cemetery Newtown
09. Marble tablet on the monument at Brooklyn commemorating the naming of the Hawkesbury River
10. McCarrs Creek obelisk unveiled by PW Gledhill
11. Lower Gledhill Falls
12. Upper Gledhill Falls on McCarrs Creek
13. Upper Gledhill Falls on McCarrs Creek
14. Upper Gledhill Falls on McCarrs Creek - showing sign on cliff-face
15. 1934 Journal Cover
Barrenjoey Head at end of the Palm Beach peninsula.
Top left is the entrance to the Hawkesbury River.
Left foreground is the northern part of the body of water named Pittwater.

Barrenjoey Head is a very prominent landmark at the entrance to the Hawkesbury River on the northern outskirts of Sydney.

Gledhill Park has now been absorbed into the Sydney Harbour National Park

Percy Walter Gledhill is known for his research on the historic cemetery at St Stephens Newtown (Sydney)

McCarrs Creek flows into Pittwater on the northern outskirts of Sydney

Click here for PW Gledhill's story    The photo of PWG and that of the Hawkesbury River plaque are copied from this article.  Thanks to the author of the article, Tony Dawson, for the Lower Gledhill Falls photo.

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