Joseph Gledhill b. circa 1777
and his children John and Ann of Scammonden?, Greetland and Stainland

and their descendants

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I.  Joseph1 Gledhill:  He was born circa 1777 in Yorkshire(likely Scammonden).


A.  John2 Gledhill:  He was born circa 1806 at Greetland, Halifax, Yorks.


B.  Ann2 Gledhill.  Her married name was Bottomley.  She was born circa 1813 at Stainland, Yorkshire, England.  She married William Bottomley in Jun 1844 at Huddersfield.  She died between Mar 1851 and Mar 1861 inYorkshire, England.


1.  Joseph3 Gledhill (father unknown) was a Hand Loom Weaver. 1841 Census: Living with His Mum: now Ann Bottomley, her spouse William; Martha; Marcy and Johnathan Bottomley. Uncle: John Gledhill and Grandad: Joseph Gledhill.   N.B.  On the 1841 census search, Joseph b1777 is on as Gledhil with one ‘l’. His grandson Joseph was born circa Aug 1832 at Mouldson Place, Stainland, Yorkshire, England.  He was baptized on 8 Sep 1832.  He married Mary Ann Dyson, daughter of Joseph Dyson and Mary Parkin, on 5 Feb 1854 at Huddersfield Parish Church.  He appeared on the census of Apr 1901.  He died circa Dec 1910 at Greetland, Halifax, Yorks.


a)  John4 Gledhill:  He was born in 1855 at Scammonden, Huddersfield, England.  He married Jane Maude, daughter of Gideon Maude and Jane Nutton, circa Jun 1879 at Halifax, England.  He married Louisa Turner circa Dec 1892 at Halifax.


(1)  Elizabeth Ann5 Gledhill:  She was born circa Sep 1879 at Well Gate Bottom, Greetland, ELLAND, West Yorkshire, England.


(2)  Emma Jane5 Gledhill.  Her married name was Lister.  She was born circa Mar 1882 at Greetland, HALIFAX, West Yorkshire, England.  She married Thomas Henry Lister circa Mar 1905 at Halifax.


(3)  Ruth5 Gledhill.  Her married name was Hunt.  She was born circa Mar 1884 at Greetland, ELLAND, West Yorkshire, England.  She married Samuel Hunt in Mar 1912 at Ashton-under-Lyne.


(a)  Leslie6 Hunt was born circa Mar 1920 at Ashton-under-Lyne.


(b)  Norman6 Hunt:  He was born circa Jun 1924 at Ashton-u-Lyne.


(4)  Ben Henry5 Gledhill:  He was born circa Sep 1885 at Greetland, ELLAND, West Yorkshire, England.


(5)  Ernest5 Gledhill.  He was born on 18 Jan 1888 at Greetland, West Yorkshire, England.  He married Alice Riley, daughter of William Riley and Martha Brown, circa Jun 1916 at Roughtown, St John.  He died in Jul 1973 at Mossley, Lancs, aged 85.


(a)  Hilda6 Gledhill was born in 1921 at Mossley, ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE, Lancashire, England.


(b)  Arthur6 Gledhill.  He was born in 1923 at Mossley, ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE, Lancashire, England.  He married Dorothy Gauld, daughter of Henry Sidebottom Gauld and Kate Robinson, on 24 May 1958 at St George`s Mossley, Lancs.  He died on 22 Jul 1981 at Mossley, Lancs.


b)  Emma4 Gledhill:  She was born circa 1856 at Scammonden, Huddersfield, England.


c)  Alice4 Gledhill:  She was born circa 1857 at Scammonden, Huddersfield, England.


d)  Walker4 Gledhill married Maria Lister BET Jul 1883 and Sep 1883 at Halifax.  He was born circa 1862 at Scammonden, Huddersfield, England.


(1)  Arthur5 Gledhill lived BET 1888 and; 1901.  He was born BET Apr 1888 and Sep 1888 at Greetland, Yorkshire, England. 


e)  Wright4 Gledhill 1911 Living at  3 GEORGE TERRACE GEORGE STREET RASTRICK BRIGHOUSE        Buried at Brighouse Cemetery    Details  He was a Cotton Twiner.  He was born circa 1864 at Scammonden, Huddersfield, England.  He married Sarah Ann Graham in 1894 at Huddersfield.  He died on 3 Feb 1948 at Brighouse.


(1)  Ernest5 Gledhill:  He was born circa 1896 at Greetland, Yorkshire, England.


(2)  George H5 Gledhill:  He was born circa 1898 at Rastrick, Yorkshire, England.


(3)  Annie5 Gledhill:  She was born circa 1903 at Rastrick, Yorks.



(4)  Wilfred5 Gledhill:  He was born circa 1908 at Rastrick, Yorks.


(5)  Dyson Ambler5 Gledhill was born circa Mar 1910 at Halifax, Yorks.  He died on 30 Apr 1994 at Brighouse, Yorks.


f)  Arthur4 Gledhill 1901 living at 27 New St Elland St Mary  1911 living at 14 LINDWELL GREETLAND.  He was a Publican.  He was born circa 1870 at Greetland, HALIFAX, West Yorkshire, England.  He married Louisa Mitchell, daughter of John Mitchell and Naomi Holroyd, in 1892 at Halifax.


(1)  Amy5 Gledhill.  Her married name was Berry.  She was born circa 1894 at Greetland, Yorkshire, England.  She married Herbert Berry in Dec 1915 at Greetland, Halifax.  She died on 27 Apr 1939 at Greetland, Yorkshire, England.


(a)  Doreen6 Berry was born in Dec 1916 at Greetland, Yorkshire.  She died circa 1993 at Greetland, Yorkshire.


(2)  Percy Hector5 Gledhill.  He was born on 5 May 1900 at Brighouse, Yorkshire, England.  He was buried in 1956.  He died on 2 Jun 1956 at Victoria, Australia, aged 56.


g)  Herbert4 Gledhill 1911 census living at 46 Church St Paddock  Huddersfield.  He was a Cardroom Hand.  He was born in 1873 at Greetland, HALIFAX, West Yorkshire, England.  He married Emma Smith circa Jun 1896 at Elland, Yorkshire, England.


(1)  Lottie5 Gledhill:  She was a Cardroom Hand.  She was born circa Dec 1896 at Elland, Yorkshire, England.


(2)  Willie5 Gledhill:  He was born circa Dec 1900 at Marsh, Huddersfield.


h)  George Henry4 Gledhill:  He was born circa 1876 at Greetland, ELLAND, West Yorkshire, England.


2.  Mary Ann3 Bottomley:  She was born circa 1839 at Scammonden, Yorks.


3.  Jonathan3 Bottomley:  He was born circa Jul 1840 at Scammonden, Yorks.  He married Mary Ann Hoyle circa Jun 1864.


a)  Sarah4 Bottomley:  She was born circa 1865 at Elland, Yorks.


4.  Adam3 Bottomley:  He was born circa 1843 at Scammonden, Yorks.


5.  William3 Bottomley:  He was born circa 1845 at Scammonden, Yorkshire, England.


6.  Martha3 Bottomley:  She was born circa 1846 at Scammonden, Yorkshire, England.


7.  Allen3 Bottomley:  He was born circa 1848 at Scammonden, Yorkshire, England.


8.  Emma3 Bottomley:  She was born circa Sep 1851 at Scammonden, Yorkshire, England.


9.  Ellen3 Bottomley:  She was born circa Sep 1851 at Scammonden, Yorkshire, England.